Bid Day

On Bid Day

Bid Day is scheduled for Sunday, August 23rd. There will be a break in between Preference Round/Round 4 and Bid Day to accommodate mandatory university activities for all incoming and transfer students. Our Bid Day is held in the Commons near the Brown-Lupton University Union. Potential New Members will all meet in the ballroom to receive their bid cards. Representatives from each chapter are also stationed throughout the ballroom. Once Potential New Members open their bid cards, they proceed to their new sorority. Then each chapter is dismissed one at a time to go out to the commons for their bid day celebration. Each chapter has a tent set up with their large wooden letters and greets their new member class.

Each organization is then dismissed one at a time to load busses and head to their individual bid day celebrations. That will usually be a slumber party, bowling, dinner, or other fun activity. That will begin the new member period. 

PNMs are advised to wear white shirts, shorts, and shoes they will be comfortable in for any activity.

After Bid Day

Generally, the new member period lasts a few weeks and involves learning about the history of the sorority, getting to know the chapter, and participating in various activities- philanthropies, TCU activities, sisterhood events, etc.   

On or shortly after Bid Day, the chapter should provide a new member calendar that includes important dates like Mom's Weekends, Homecoming, and Initiation. Please refer to the chapter after Bid Day for specifics on dates/times/locations. 


We are often asked if parents and families should attend Bid Day and we caution against this simply because the new members are so busy being in celebration with their new chapters that they do not have time to see their families for more than a minute or two, if at all. Plus, with roughly 3,000 women in the Panhellenic community, it can be nearly impossible to spot your student. Furthermore, space is limited and it can be a challenge to accommodate excess spectators in addition to the many new members.