2020 Formal Recruitment

Questions you may have about recruitment


Is it true that the majority of women do not receive a bid?

It is a huge myth that many women don't receive a bid! Each year, a small handful of women are released from the process, but that is out of over 1,000 PNMs. Other women withdraw voluntarily. About 85% of PNMs that participate in formal recruitment join our Panhellenic community. 

What does "mutual selection process" mean?

Panhellenic recruitment is a mutual selection process. That means that throughout the week, both PNMs and chapters will narrow down their options to make one match at the end of the week. This is a mutual process, meaning each day PNMs get to indicate their Chapter preferences, while Chapters indicate their preferences for which PNMs they get to see the next day. This can sometimes lead to disappointments when a PNM isn't invited back, which is why the best advice is to keep an open mind to all 13 of our amazing chapters.

What about food and water? What is all included in the recruitment fee?

Each day of recruitment, PNMs will have ample time to eat using their TCU meal plan. If they do not have a meal plan, they should mention this at recruitment orientation. There are also water coolers outside each chapter. It's hot, please stay hydrated!   

The recruitment registration fee covers all costs associated with recruitment such as the t-shirts Potential New Members wear for both days of round 1 and round 2, snacks, water bottles, a bag for carrying personal items throughout recruitment, the Potential New Member Booklet, and other recruitment equipment expenses incurred by the Panhellenic Council. The recruitment fee also includes a 5% processing fee. Potential new members are responsible for their attire for the rest of the rounds. 

Can upperclassmen and transfer students participate in recruitment?

YES! Upperclass women and transfer students can participate (provided they meet eligibility requirements). They register for formal recruitment online like everyone else! For women who have either pledged or been initiated into one of our sororities on another campus and wish to affiliate with our TCU chapter, please contact the chapter directly. 

What are legacies?

Legacies are PNMs who are (usually) daughters, sisters, or granddaughters of alumna or active members. Each chapter has a different way of handling legacies. Being a legacy does NOT guarantee membership with that group, nor does it mean a PNM should feel pressured to join that sorority. Oftentimes, a chapter will have more legacies participating in recruitment than they have spots available.


Are letters of recommendation required?

No, they are not required by TCU! The only requirement is that your student registers for recruitment at TCU! If you know women that are affiliated with a Panhellenic sorority and they wish to   write a recommendation or reference, we encourage them to do so. Each chapter has its own policies and procedures regarding reference and/or recommendation letters.   

Do I need to send in my official transcripts?

We do not need your official transcript, we need your final transcript. You do not need to send in your sealed and official transcript. When you fill out the Panhellenic registration form it will ask you to upload your transcript, you will need to upload a digital copy of your final transcript. Please do not register if you do not yet have your final transcript. 

How busy will I be during the days of recruitment?

The days during formal recruitment will be long! Some days you may end earlier, but you will be very tired! We recommend not planning anything during the week of recruitment -you will most likely not have a lot of free time. 

Still have lots of questions? Don't worry!

We know recruitment is an overwhelming experience and you aren't alone! We are here to support you through the whole experience.

Here are some resources!

Go straight to the source: send us an email through Contact Us

Check out our social media to see what we're up to: @tcupanhellenic

The Sorority Life: a website made for high school PNMs and their parents