Move in

 The move-in time and date for women participating in 2020 Panhellenic Recruitment is August 15th, time is to be determined by housing and residence life. All move-in times and information is coordinated by the TCU Office of  and Residence Life. Please contact that office for any questions specific to move-in. Their website is http://www.rlh.tcu.edu/index.aspx and they will be contacting you over the summer with information regarding the move-in process. 

Living in the sorority house

Many students want to know about living in the sorority house. Each chapter has different processes for determining who lives in the chapter facility. In general, officers and some sophomores will live in the house. First-year students are not allowed to live in fraternity/sorority houses. Please know that the number of women who can live in the house is 35 and the average chapter size is 230, so clearly not everyone lives in. Again, each chapter does it differently, so it's a good question to ask during recruitment!

Residents of fraternity/sorority houses will have an on-campus meal plan; there are no "house moms" or "in-house" dining plans.