Circle Of Sisterhood Foundation

Our mission: The Circle of Sisterhood will leverage the collective influence of sorority women to raise financial resources for entities around the world that are removing educational barriers for girls and women facing poverty and oppression


The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation is a mechanism by which all sorority women can stand together across affiliation, age, color, and creed to make a difference in the lives of millions of girls and women around the world. Founded in 2010, collectively, we are one of the largest communities of college-education women in the world while not even 7% of the world – men and women combined – has college degrees, and 2/3 of all illiterate adults are women. Standing together as one community, we will give girls and women an equal chance for rewarding lives and livelihoods through schooling, the learning of a trade, or even a college degree.

Whether founded in the 1800s or in the 2000s, sororities place a high priority on volunteering and community engagement. Collectively, sororities donate millions of domestic dollars every year to help eliminate life-shattering diseases, raise awareness for important health issues, as well as tackling local issues such as domestic-violence against women, illiteracy among youth, environmental stewardship, and aid the disabled and aging.

But the world is changing. Boundaries are disintegrating, and technology allows us to live in a global neighborhood. Today’s sorority women understand and appreciate others on a global scale and realize that they have the wherewithal to make a meaningful and significant difference both domestically and globally. As college educated women, we understand the value of achieving an education, and we believe that every girl in the world deserves the opportunity to go to school.

Panhellenic at Texas Christian University has adopted Circle of Sisterhood as its official united philanthropy. 

Information taken from the Circle of Sisterhood website: 

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